Weeping hours “Nevermind, we have already lost.” Addl Superintendent was sitting on his desk with his hands on his head. “No! we can’t lose hope. We have to find the culprit!” “No, doctor, it’s the end. We have already lost the battle.” “I work in the lab. I’ve seen the bodies. if we don’t stop… Continue reading MIXED-3

House of Trophies

“Hey, I need a break.”“Yeah, you may have.”“Seriously, won’t you be stopping me?”“See, after being in a relationship with me, there is no going back. Either we will go for marriage or I’ll attend your funeral.”“Whatever.” She cut the call and blocked me too from everywhere. I opened my laptop and started playing my games.… Continue reading House of Trophies


“He used to wear a black jacket and black jeans only.”“Only? No other color?”“Nope. Guess he was addicted to that color.”“Maybe. Or maybe he is an agent doing some work.”“Shut up. This is the too lame thing you just said. That guy is always in his house. He used to play some games a few… Continue reading Rude

Truth or Dare

“Let’s play truth and dare.”“Not in the mood for that.”“Please na…” She insisted so much that I had to play with her that damn game. We played that game for more than 3 hours. Still, she wanted to have one more round. I somehow managed to convince her to stop. We did some chit-chat and,… Continue reading Truth or Dare

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